Bubble Screens December 2011

I have a piece similar to these that I made several years ago, but I could never quite bring myself to sell it.  So that ones staying in my personal collection for now, but I have made these ones which will be going out to a gallery soon.  I hope that they stay together as a pair.


Semi-Stacking Ovals December 2011

These are a commission for an art teacher’s retirement gift.  She selected to have these commissioned herself.  I feel quite honoured that someone who has spent their career in the visual arts would choose a work by me to commemorate their retirement.




I have just completed another couple of sculptures. These ones are going to a gallery in the city. 

These pieces take inspiration from the koru shape which is popular in New Zealand.  They koru has a fresh energy and represents new life and new beginnings. 

The form that I have used for these pieces is also influenced by the shape of a curling wave which also fits well with the New Zealand coastal environment.  The waves of the sea are powerful and beautiful, the can bring great enjoyment if you know how to harness and use their energy.




Social Climber – Commission

Social Climber November 2010

This piece was commissioned for a client through a gallery in Devonport.  The client had seen images of my previous work along these lines and wanted a piece in the same theme.

I have really enjoyed working with these oval forms from my very first piece up to and including this most recent one. 

I designed the ovals to make optimal use of the properties of the Oamaru limestone.  The gentle unfussy curves of the ovals creates a softness to the form, and when light falls on the ovals from behind it creates a wonderful warm golden glow in the holes that go through each oval (yeah I know you can’t see the glow in these pictures, I don’t always get a chance to get good pictures in the right light before delivery to the client).

For me each individual oval is like a simple single biological cell, and yet somehow each cell manages to have its own unique personality.  Their interaction with each other is playful and slightly chaotic.  They are as much about the empty space in the middle of them as they are about the physical structure of their shell.



This is Carolina – I asked Fabricio what a good female Brazillian name is and this is one of the ones he suggested.  Its the name of his sister.




I have started to do some more figurative work lately.  I am quite excited for some of the projects I have planned.  I think they actually carry through the themes of some of my abstract work quite well.

This piece is called ‘Fabricio’ after the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor who kept claiming the sculpture was of him whenever he dropped by my studio.



Layers – October 2010

This is one of my recently completed pieces.  It is a continuation of a theme from a piece I made…  I’ll have to check when exactly, but it was several years ago now.

I’m quite pleased with it.

Layers - October 2010


Back on the tools

Its been a hive of activity out the back of my studio these last couple of weeks as I have finally got back into some stone carving after an extended break.

I have been working on a two tonne block of Oamaru Limestone.  The weather has been spectacularly fine and sunny, great conditions to get some work done.

Two Tonne block with the start of some cuts in it

The block cut into pieces